Domestic violence is common in many countries around the world. The USA is no exception. The US has the US Violence Against Women Act. This law protects women, men and children from domestic violence regardless of gender, religion, race, nationality, national origin, immigration status. US law recognizes that domestic violence is a criminal offense regardless of family relationship. Domestic violence is understood by US law as a crime against an individual, which includes violent acts against a spouse, partner, family member, or another close person.

Domestic violence can include sexual abuse, child abuse (as physically excessive punishment of a minor, to the point of being denied food, housing, medical care), beatings, threats, intimidation. ridicule, humiliation, the use of a privileged position, pressure to gain power and control, attempts to deprive the victim of funds, documents, attempts to control the victim’s communication with third parties and other violent and dangerous actions against the victim’s personality. At the same time, even if the accused is married to the victim, he is not exempt from responsibility for domestic abuse.

That is why, if you are faced with domestic violence, it is very important to contact advocates who have significant experience in resolving such situations, who will be able to assess your situation and suggest how to proceed. Contacting a competent advocate means protecting your life, well-being and the interests of your loved ones.

Types of Legal Assistance Provided

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