About Us

This informative portal was created by a group of people united not only by professionalism and a desire to change the world for the better but also by dissatisfaction with the way the world treats the problem of domestic violence. The direction of our activity is information work and education. We strive to change the established order of things, in which domestic violence is the norm, which is not customary to talk about. We truly believe that family is love and support, not fear and violence, that one cannot educate anyone by force and humiliation, that one person cannot force another to live by his/her own rules, that the aggressor should be the one to blame for any kind of violence, not the victim.

This website is our experiment, an attempt to collect all the necessary information for the victims of domestic violence and people who are just interested in this topic. Here you can find answers to complex legal and ethical questions. The information will be constantly updated. If you have not found the answer to your question, be sure to write to us and we will update the database.

The website has collected information on how to behave and where to get help if you have experienced domestic violence..

In addition to advice materials, the website contains information on laws related to the topic of violence.