CHILDREN’S PROGRAM: Often, children are the silent victims. Counselors work with children to address behavioral and emotional programs related to witnessing and experiencing domestic violence.

SCCADV provides free group and individual counseling to school-aged children who witnessed domestic violence. Parental involvement is required. To reduce the burden of travel, counselors may travel to area schools, shelters, youth bureau and other various locations. If you are interested in referring a child to this program, please call and speak with a counselor at 631-666-7181 Monday – Friday during business hours.

Children growing up in homes where there is domestic violence are more likely to become victims or abusers. Help is available!

Counseling Goals
To provide a safe place where children can speak to counselors about violence at home.

  • Safety Planning
  • To address the emotional and behavioral effects of witnessing domestic violence
  • Empowerment
  • To develop and enhance healthy coping skills to deal with family violence
  • To educate young people on the characteristics of a healthy relationship and the characteristics of an abusive relationship
  • To address aggressive or abusive behavior in children
  • To assist in improving communication skills with their peers and adults
  • Increase self esteem